Gallery: Preview Richard Mosse’s powerful photo exhibition The Enclave at The Vinyl Factory





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The Vinyl Factory and Edel Assanti present Richard Mosse’s multichannel video installation The Enclave.

With Richard Mosse’s The Enclave opening at The Vinyl Factory’s Brewer Street Car Park Space, we’re excited to bring you a gallery of photos from the exhibition that will accompany Mosse’s stirring and deeply unsettling 40-minute video installation, presented on eight double-sided screens in a large darkened chamber and soundtracked by experimental electronic music composer Ben Frost.

Shot on a discontinued infrared military reconnaissance film, The Enclave is the culmination of Mosse’s work in eastern Democratic of Congo and presents the largely unreported conflict in a striking light that emphasises the tension between documentary war photography and visual art. “Beauty,” as Mosse explains, “is the main line to make people feel something. It is the sharpest tool in the box.”

Click here for a full exhibition preview and scroll down for a preview of the large-scale images taken from The Enclave.

Exhibition dates: 4th April – 26th April

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11:30am – 5.30pm (Extended Hours: Thursday 10th April until 7pm)

The Vinyl Factory Space at the Brewer Street Car Park
Entry through the front entrance on Brewer Street

A Thousand Plateaus - 2011

A Thousand Plateaus, 2011

At home he is a tourist 93 x 72 in. (236.2 x 182.9 cm.), Edition of 2  1AP

At Home He Is A Tourist

Because the Night_Richard Mosse

Because The Night, 2012

Higher Ground_Richard Mosse

Higher Ground, 2012

Lost Fun Zone, 2012, C-print, 40 x 50 in. (101.6 x 127 cm.), Edition of 5  1AP

Lost Fun Zone, 2012

Lac Vert_Richard Mosse

Lac Vert, 2012

Stalemate_Richard Mosse

Stalemate, 2011

Of Lilies and Remains, 2012, C-print 40 x 50 in. (101.6 x 127 cm.), Edition of 5  1AP

Of Lilies and Remains, 2012

Thousands are Sailing I - 2012

Thousands are Sailing I, 2012

Thousands are Sailing II - 2012

Thousands are Sailing II, 2012

thousands are sailing_Richard Mosse

Thousands are Sailing I & II, 2012

Richard Mosse – The Enclave is open from 4th – 26th April (Tuesday to Saturday 11:30am – 5.30pm) at The Vinyl Factory Space at the Brewer Street Car Park, which you can access from 17 Peter Street W1F 0AL. Click here for a map.