The jazz-inspired artwork of graphic designer Paul Camo

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How Strata-East and Folkways Records influenced the record sleeve for Okumu, Herbert, Skinner’s new album.

Graphic designer and DJ Paul Roberts aka Paul Camo doesn’t shout about his work. Instead, he takes on projects with friends and collaborators, working with MIC Records and The Carvery among others, and allowing his wide-ranging interest in records – explored via his NTS Radio show – to inform and inspire his decisions.

The brains behind Studio Camo, his latest project involved designing the gatefold sleeve for Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert and Tom Skinner’s new trio album Undone: Live At The Crypt, released with The Vinyl Factory in 2019.

Following the release, we visited Paul at his studio in Margate to find out more about the design processes behind the project, from concept to creation. Listen to the podcast below.

Intent on capturing the live chemistry of the band, Camo worked with photographer George Nelson to create a cut-up, monochrome sleeve, that draws on the visual language of cult jazz and folk labels like Strata East and Ronald Clyne’s work for Folkways Records.

Find out more about Paul’s work here and see photos from his studio below.