Bored of IKEA? 12 alternative ways to store your records

Bored of IKEA? 12 alternative ways to store your records





IKEA Kallax (FKA Expedit) may be omnipotent but it is not your only god. Here are twelve alternatives that prove record storage is a polytheistic pursuit.

When it comes to storing your records, there really is no easier way than to reach for that little wooden pencil and scribble down the code for an IKEA Kallax. Superseding the much-loved Expedit, IKEA’s no nonsense cubic shelving unit has long been the collector’s standard; functionally, ubiquitous (there are currently eight in our office alone) and, if we’re honest, really rather bland.

Take a look at our gallery of readers’ record collections and it’s no surprise IKEA have their prints all over them; homogenous vessels for the most personal of your belongings. But just because the Kallax is king, doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice.

While lists of alternative record storage ideas might be a dime a dozen right now, but we feel there are none which adequately cover the range of options you have available to jazz up your collection. With today’s selection we’ll be looking at serious alternatives to IKEA at a range of price points, from standard shelves to high-end multi-function cabinets. Then, over the next month or two, we’ll take a look at record consoles, bespoke DJ set-ups and record crates (not milk crates) in more detail.

Storing your records has never been this exciting.


Wax Stacks

Price: $65 per crate (Kickstarter price)
Capacity: 50+ per crate

Drop that screwdriver! Built from sturdy Baltic birch wood, these crates snap together without tools or hardware. No more worrying about missing screws or bolts, or that damn allen key. And no need for horror show wordless instructions. Just slot the five panels together to build a crate, then stack individual crates in whatever configuration you like. They ship flat and are easily portable. Piece of cake.


Mapleshade (Record Shelf System)

Price: $75 – $210 per shelf, depending on finish
Capacity: 150 LPs per shelf

Like Wax Stacks, the advantage of these solid oak shelves is that they’re expandable as your collection grows. Each shelf holds 150 LPs and you simply add extra units using the sturdy interlocking mechanism. You can stack up to 6 units in total, that’s 900 LPs in little more than 2.5 square feet of valuable floor space. There’s also a shelf designed for CDs, DVDs and books for the multi-format freaks.


Gothic Furniture (LP Record Rack)

Price: $169 for two shelves, $199 for three shelves
Capacity: approximately 150 LPs and 200 7″s

This New York-based company offer affordable real wood vinyl racks, a neat alternative to the ubiquitous Kallax / Expedit. Choose between two or three shelves, each of which run three cubes wide and are divided by ergonomically-minded middle panels. From wild cherry to midnight blue, there are 20 finishes in total so something for everyone (you’d hope).


Cubitec (13.25″ depth)

Price: $185.50 per kit (four cubes)
Capacity: c.210 records

The Doran Lachisch-designed Cubitec system may look futuristic, but dating back to 1998 it’s stood the test of time admirably. A bit like clipping together your shelf out of giant Lego, the moulded polypropylene blocks have a lightweight corrugated core that allows you to expand your storage in step with your collection. Doors are also an option if you don’t like the look of your spines, and at 18″ wide, we reckon each box can hold up to 55 records.


LP Bin

Price: $239.99
Capacity: 560 records

If you find flicking therapeutic (who doesn’t?) then the LP Bin might be for you. You do risk your bedroom looking like a record shop, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Three colours on offer and a record capacity of 560.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 15.02.32

Department Chicago (Walnut Record Cabinet)

Price: $525
Capacity: c.90 records

Like a main course that arrives a good forty minutes after you order it, there’s something deeply reassuring about the quality of Chicago Department’s Walnut Chest Cabinet and the footnote to allow 2-3 weeks build time. Inspired by classic mid-century American design and constructed to order, the discrete unit wouldn’t look out of place on the set at Mad Men, with sliding doors to conceal the odd bottle of scotch too.


Dual (Portland)

Price: $625
Capacity: 600 records

Dual are known for their crisp DJ consoles but they also have a rocking range of record, CD and book storage units. We’ve picked out the Portland which comes in 9 different colours and holds 600 records. There’s also big sister Hartland and little brother Boston if you need more or less space.


Can-Am (LPCAB29)

Price: $650
Capacity: 560 records

Are you one of those people who like to keep things minimal? Do you organise your record collection like you might a folder of bank statements? Then the Can-Am is most definitely for you. More audio-file than audiophile it may be, but with 560-record capacity and a huge choice of colours from (questionable) Chocolate Brown to (regal) Plum, the Can-Am is surprisingly versatile. Sleek and utilitarian, there are 38 modules and accessories available in the range to accommodate your collection as it grows.


Boltz (LP Record Storage Rack)

Price: $769
Capacity: 720 records

Heavyweight stuff for the metal heads, Boltz’ industrial record shelf is as agile as it is sturdy, with wheels allowing you to cart the 720-record capacity around the room. No nails, no nonsense.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 16.08.33

Siosi (Record // LP Shelving)

Price: $1200 + shipping
Capacity: c.150 LPs and c.200 7″s

A simple, well crafted, timeless design for the well-heeled collector. Solid ash construction with a power coated metal base, this unit is made to order only. The top shelf is intended for books but we’re thinking 7″s.


Symbol (Aero 51″ Media Storage Cabinet)

Price: $4,745
Capacity: 240+ (120 per bin + 7″ capacity)

Symbol do a gorgeous range of high-end audio furniture (check out the gravity defying Stereo Console for ever more minimal shelf porn) of which their Aero 51” Media Storage unit takes the biscuit. Hand-built, allowing you to personalize for purpose, the two swivel bins let you display or conceal your records and hold up to 120 LPs each, the classy walnut finish surely the pick of the four options available.


Atocha (Record Cabinet)

Price: $4,950 – $8,5000
Capacity: 570+ (96 per drawer + 7″ capacity)

From DJ stands to jazzy cocktail tables to leather LP slings, Atocha have you covered. But if it’s a boring old record shelf you’re after then look no further their Record Cabinet. Run close by the beautiful Open/Close series (keep an eye out for our console feature to come), we’ve gone for this for its classic design, the ‘culmination of form and function’ and a shelf that finally finds the perfect balance between LPs and 45s. Designed with that dream NYC loft in mind, each cabinet is hand-made, with a number of modular options available, each LP drawer holding up to 95 records.

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Comments (35)

  1. Johnny Van Cura 3 years ago

    Anything… affordable?

    • William Wragg 3 years ago

      I really like the Nornäs Sideboard ( Not cheap, but not bad for what it is.

    • Jeffrey 3 years ago

      You want affordable. Buy a circular saw, and then go to your local woodshop, buy some screws and some plywood or MDF and make it yourself.

      • Johnny Van Cura 3 years ago

        I don’t wanna break a nail, sorry Dad.

  2. Heliskinki 3 years ago

    No mention of Vitsoe 606? Best shelving out there. Not cheap, but then again, not many of the above are.


    • Jeffrey 3 years ago

      Those are nice, but they are much more permanent than what these are above. Especially since each of the spaces they slow look like rooms made for Richie Hawtin. 😀

  3. Damon Kelley 3 years ago

    I make fully customizable vinyl record displays! Check out my pieces.

  4. Kaliova 3 years ago

    I’ve been buying these for years – – most flexible and expandable option out there I reckon

    • Christopher Irfane Khan-Acito 1 year ago

      Hey, looks like a great product ! How many cubes full of LPs do you reckon one could stack atop one another ?

      • Kaliova 1 year ago

        They’re really solid – I can’t imagine they’d bend or buckle at all though I’ve never tried to stack more than five high

        • Christopher Irfane Khan-Acito 1 year ago

          Thanks for the swift answer! Take care

  5. Hobbit 3 years ago

    While those are all nice, they are also all ridiculously priced. I’d rather sink my money into the albums themselves and have a reasonably priced storage solution.

  6. peter eller 3 years ago does a 12.5 inch shelf perfect for LP’s

  7. matt 3 years ago

    I’m biased because i work here but i think we’ve got some good stuff to offer as well.

  8. Jim Tavegia 3 years ago

    Clearly on the Atocha photo with the Sota turntable, someone is going to need a new stylus and I hope it is user replaceable.

  9. Racks4Records 3 years ago

    We suggest expanding this list to 13 and including us, Racks4Records, on it.

  10. Murcury 3 years ago

    “Bored of having money in your wallet?”

    The Can Am cabinet-basically an institutional file drawer set?

  11. Simone Turati 3 years ago

    I have these and i’m so happy about my choice, and i can add as the collection increases

  12. Ragnar Tournarie 3 years ago
    • Brian Lee 1 year ago

      That’s beautiful!

  13. plattenkreisel 2 years ago

    circular vinyl record shelf “plattenkreisel” on instagram now 🙂

  14. Tenho 2 years ago

    I suggest expanding this list to 14 and including Tenho Design on it! Made in Lapland! The new black cabinet coming soon! Follow instagram and Facebook.

  15. David 2 years ago

    This is a really adaptable option – lots of different heights, depths and widths, plus doors to keep the dust out. I have these for all my books, and will probably buy more for the records if I can find enough space!

  16. JC 2 years ago

    I love these. Super affordable at $35 each. Made from zBoard, eco friendly and formaldehyde free. Bonus!

  17. Mary Higgins 2 years ago

    Wow! I say build them yourself….. these prices are ridiculous.

  18. PlatesRecords 2 years ago

    There should be an alternative list of ‘free’ solutions!

    • Bill_thompson95 2 years ago

      make it yourself. or go to a yard sale, buy an old end table and re-paint it. OR, pay up

  19. Alina Adriana 2 years ago

    too expensive and who needs such big pieces of furniture and the future is about minimizing and minimalizing

  20. Chris Cannon 2 years ago

    hippter garbage. Plenty of mid century real furniture alternatives on craigslist prices from $50 and up. real nice pieces from $200

  21. Matthew Williams 2 years ago

    Not many of these could work well with a large collection, and who wants to hide their records in a drawer?

  22. Matthew 1 year ago

    I manufacture these in Ohio. Durable, stackable, modular, and keep the dust out. Made in USA. Not the cheapest or most expensive.

  23. Brook Downs 1 year ago

    good lord! unfortunately it looks like Ikea is still god despite your attempt to provide alternatives. the cheapest thing on your list already costs more than an Ikea unit.

  24. Matt Gudites 1 year ago

    Yeah, none of these are economically feasible, especially when you’ve got hundreds of albums. Looks like a trip to IKEA is in my future.

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