Beyond Nirvana: 10 essential under-the-radar grunge records from the Seattle era





Wipers Box Set (Is This Real? – Youth Of America – Over The Edge)
(Zeno Records, 2001)

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Seriously, just don’t argue, go get $20 dollars together and buy this three album collection. I’m usually really mellow about musical taste, “we’re all different, we’re all equal,” but if I had to place a bet on one single source for the Seattle sound it would be Greg Sage — in 1980-1983 he foreshadowed everything that was to come at the close of the decade. The scene paid homage on a 1992 tribute record, Sub Pop reissued the Is This Real? album a year later — they knew who birthed the scene template — it was this guy with his awkward take on punk and determined reinvention across three very different albums.

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