The best speakers of 2022

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Speakers for every budget.

High-quality amplifiers and turntables hit the market this year like wildfire, and although these will undoubtedly increase the quality of your audio, the quality of your speakers will ultimately determine how well your equipment performs. This is why it’s crucial that you equip yourself with the finest pair of speakers possible to complement the rest of your system.

Manufacturers have once again delivered this year on wireless, feature-packed speakers. High-end wireless functionality has revolutionized the way we listen to music, and the era of digital connectivity extends all the way to your analogue set-up, keeping setups fresh and modern. Features like Wi-Fi, built-in streaming, and a variety of inputs in their speakers are becoming more common across all price points. This is fantastic for broadening the audience for technological innovations, but it has also led to an oversaturation of the market with speakers that look and sound impressive but fall short on quality.

Despite this, several audiophile manufacturers in 2022 either stayed true to their roots by providing less integrated features or exceeded expectations by providing a superb mix of high-quality sound with wireless capabilities, ideal for any record setup.

There are two types of speakers, active/powered speakers and passive speakers. Passive speakers get their sound and power from a stereo amp/receiver while active/powered speakers are powered through an outlet and produce sound directly from the source. Active speakers are also the most “plug-and-play” friendly because of their built-in features like Bluetooth, multiple inputs, and wireless connectivity. In order to produce or receive sound, passive speakers require an external amplifier. This means they require an external stereo amplifier in order to function at all. Both speaker systems typically deliver similar audio quality at comparable prices.

We recommend listening to speakers in person if possible, or verifying that the online description matches the sound profile you’re looking for, before purchasing any speakers anywhere.

It was difficult for us to narrow down three of our favourite speakers from this year as so many great quality options hit the market. Yet, we did it and below we take a dive into our three favourite speakers from this year that sound great and make it worth the upgrade.

Keep in mind that while we were impressed by the speakers listed below, it’s best to assess what features work best for you in your system.


Edifier S1000w

Price: £350
Pros: Bluetooth, wireless, 120watts
Cons: No built-in phono pre-amp

Verdict: Affordable, audiophile-centred speakers that won’t break the bank and allow you to connect everything, from your turntable to your phone to your computer, effortlessly.

Edifier is known for its “quality and inexpensive audio technology” and their new S1000W speakers hold up to this flawlessly. Though it’s called “S1000W”, the front-firing bass and tweeter components can output up to 120 watts (W) of sound power and it sounds great! The slanted shape also creates a fuller, deeper bass. Resonance is diminished by a sturdy construction. Any audiophile or enthusiast who values sound and presentation will be impressed by this performance and its remarkable technical specifications. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities are also included.


Triangle AIO TWIN

Price: £699
Pros: Wireless capabilities, built-in phono pre-amp
Cons: N/A

Verdict: Stylish modern aesthetics meets stylish versatile modern functionality that doesn’t compromise audio fidelity.

Triangle’s AIO Twin active speakers provide a full, clear, and accurate sound with all the conveniences and capabilities of a modern Hi-Fi system. Your high-resolution (24 bits / 192 kHz) music library is at your fingertips thanks to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. Included is also a phono input that works with record players independent of an amp. The sound profile on these speakers will have you scratching your head as to how such compact speakers can produce such a full soundstage.


KEF LS60 Wireless All-in-One Speakers

Price: £5999
Pros: Streaming, Bluetooth, great quality
Cons: No built-in phono

Verdict: Stylish, audiophile centred, and a sound profile that is all-encompassing. What more could you ask for?

KEF 60 years of technological advancements in the audio industry shine through with the LS60 Wireless speakers. A future-proof, high-fidelity audio experience is at the centre of these speakers. They perfectly marry an audiophile-centered soundstage with high-quality music streaming functionalities from any device. It also allows you to connect all of your home audio system from a single, sleek speaker.