Albums to look out for in March

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Sun-dappled dancehall, extraterrestrial synth-scapes, soul-infused rap, and more.

Our favourite new albums to look out for in March, selected by VF’s Gabriela Helfet.

Nilufer Yanya



Due: 4th March

It’s a common pitfall within indie music particularly that wearing your influences on your sleeve makes you sound like a glorified covers band. Not so with singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nilüfer Yanya though, who takes these inspirations – Foo Fighters, Radiohead, The Pixies, etc – and morphs them into a sound that is distinctly her own. Yanya’s second album, Painless, furthers this feeling, lead by her low-slung and captivating voice, which simultaneously manages to be hushed and powerful at the same time. Thanks to Yanya, alongside artists like Arlo Parks, Beabadoobee, Aziya, and Biig Piig, the future’s looking very bright for UK indie, courtesy of the next generation of female artists who are resoundingly carrying its torch.

Maylee Todd


(Stones Throw)

Due: 4th March

Conjuring an intergalactic r’n’b synth-iverse, Canadian singer, producer and multimedia artist beams down to Stones Throw with Maloo. Its 11-tracks were originally created on a Yamaha Tenori-on sequencer, before later refining the tracks with co-producer Kyvita. Explores themes of science fiction, psychology, and futurism, consider the album a zippy yet zen, extraterrestrial journey through a parallel universe.

Fly Anakin


(Lex Records)

Due: 11th March

Weaving electric rap, Fly Anakin unveils his awaited debut album, Frank. Tapping producers including Madlib, EARDRUM, and Jay Versace, the LP channels influences from the classic r’n’b and soul music that his father played him during childhood. The result is a hip-hop record that pays homage to soul-infused, boom-bap of the ’90s while stepping firmly into the future.

hinako omori

a journey…


Due: 18th March

As its title suggests, composer Hinako Omori’s a journey… takes you on a trip. In this case, to a world of calming electronics. Designed as a stream of consciousness recording, Omori designed the album to be a sort of sonic equivalent to shinrin-yoku – forest bathing. “Being in that environment reduces stress levels, it’s good for well-being, improving our memory and concentration,” she shares. We’re all ears.

Bogdan Raczynski


(Planet Mu)

Due: 18th March

Marking his first new album in 15 years, Polish American producer Bogdan Raczynski unveils ADDLE on Planet Mu. As the label shares: “a change from the high-octane jungle tekno braindance for which he is most commonly known, here we find the Polish American musician in a more melodic and zen-like place of peace, which is ergonomic and decluttered, whilst also bittersweet and tinged with melancholy.” Consider it a fitting, and very needed, electronic sonic calm for the times we live in.

Charli XCX


(Asylum Records)

Due: 18th March

“a thought: imagine if this entire album campaign was just a commentary on navigating the major label system and the sadistic nature of pop music as a whole?”, asks Charli XCX. “another thought: what if i just love pop music and wanna be super famous?” Whatever her inspirations and aspirations, trust that the artistic provocateur’s latest album, Crash, is sure to provide a cacophonous, entertaining pop romp.




Due: 18th March

Since Rosalía dropped her album, El Mal Querer, which elevated her into international fame, her distinct mix of flamenco with pop and reggaeton has remained as transfixing as ever. Motomami looks to follow similar suit, especially if Rosalía’s recent singles, including the album’s first cut, ‘SAOKO’, are any indication as to what’s on the way.

Anna Wall

Missing Moments

(Dream Theory)

Due: 25th March

Producer, DJ, label head, and Fabric resident Anna Wall unveils her mesmerising debut album on her Dream Theory imprint, Missing Moments. An ambient tonic to uplift you following the fugue of the past two years, the album incorporates analogue recordings from synthesizers including the Roland SH-09 and Oberheim 12, alongside field recordings from Ibiza, Portugal, and Hackney Marshes. Easily a highlight of the year thus far, Missing Moments also features moving guest appearances from Binky and Steve ‘Bertie’ Burton.




Due: 25th March

Channeling her sun-dappled reggae and dancehall into long player form, Jamaican singer, songwriter, and guitarist Koffee aka Mikayla Simpson readies her awaited debut, Gifted. As with her much-loved EP, Rapture, and anthem ‘Toast’, on Gifted she “radiates her message of hope and positivity from her home in Spanish Town, Jamaica” on out to the world.

Shelley Parker


(Hypercolour Records)

Due: 25th March

Producer, composer, and DJ Shelley Parker first made her debut in the early 2000s, with releases on illustrious labels like Hessle Audio, One Little Indie, Honest Jon’s, Houndstooth, Structure Recordings, and OOH-sounds. These were buoyed by live performances, sound installations, and composing scores. Her latest album, Wisteria, eschews the esoteric in favour of heavy club spheres: across its eight tracks, “concrete rhythms, breakbeat science, inner city ambience and industrial strength bass unfurl”.

Interstellar Funk

Into The Echo


Due: 25th March

Boasting “leftfield experimentation, processed drums and oscillating frequencies,” Interstellar Funk descends Into The Echo, on his debut album for Dekmantel. A journey via hypnotic synth chugs, across its 10 tracks he holds echoes of the club in hand as he completes this travels.