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Vinyl looks great on camera, but even better on Instagram.

When it comes to sharing records, there’s nothing more immediate than photography. Discogs may be the consummate online database, but in terms of music discovery, you can’t beat that human touch. While many platforms have sought to replicate this, the potential to share classics and under the radar gems direct from your collection on Instagram is unparalleled. Each packed with their own distinct personality, get it right and you could build your collection from Instagram accounts alone. After all, shouldn’t every trip to the record shop should include one bought for the cover alone?

Whether you’re after rarities, new releases or just walls and walls of mouth-watering vinyl, we’ve picked out 15 of our favourite record collectors to follow on Instagram, from big name DJs to the private collectors who’ve caught our eye in recent months.

Do you have a favourite record collector on Instagram? Have we missed any killer accounts? Tag @thevinylfactory on Instagram with your suggestions.

Cover photo: @pillsforthepale

Words: Michael Wilkin

@dustandgrooves / Eilon Paz

Considered as somewhat of the godfather or record collection photography. The feed doesn’t grow much, but deserves recognition nonetheless simply for changing the record collection photography game.

@gillespeterson / Gilles Peterson

Keep your taste in line with Radio 6 Music’s premiere taste marker and record collector. Rarities, favourites and selected new releases pepper his selection, with a lean towards the weirder corners of jazz, funk and soul. What else would you expect fro a man who plays Sun Ra on mainstream Saturday afternoon radio? (Click to play below)

Here's the artwork from my Rainy in São Paulo Mix… Head over to Soundcloud to have a listen.

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@dadsdiscdelights / Zoë Timmers

Definitely one of our favourites, and it’s easy to see why. @dadsdiscdelights is an endearing insight into one of the most comprehensive collections on the planet, complete with reviews for each record featured. Sadly, Dad passed away last year, though the account lives on thanks to the help of daughter Zoë (who you can follow @zobolondon)

LISTEN 👆▶️ Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's a brilliant one for you all and one which brings lots of new musical sounds into your lives! Huge thanks to Dad's friend Jim who has written this great piece on Zevon to go with Dad's shot. Happy weekend! ❤️ 🔸WARREN ZEVON – EXCITABLE BOY🔸 Dad's friend Jim says: Whereas most of the 70's singer/songwriters were laid back and introspective (e.g Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carole King etc), Warren was the total opposite – mad, bad and dangerous to know, a total lunatic on stage and a superb writer of dark and witty songs. Excitable Boy is his best album, not just because it contains his signature hit "Werewolves of London" but also the classic "Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner", "Accidentally Like a Martyr" and "Lawyers Guns and Money"! Warren lived a crazy life (excellently documented in his first wife's biography of him – "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead") and died young at 56. Springsteen, Don Henley and lots more rock royalty turned out to help him finish his final album "The Wind", days before he died. With typical Zevon black humour, the album includes a great version of Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door". Check out also his 1980 album "Stand In The Fire" – one of the best "live" albums ever made. #dadsdiscdelights 👋👨❤️

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@pillsforthepale / Alex

Worth a follow on sheer vinyl volume alone. Expect to be blasted with walls, and walls, and walls of vinyl. Expect the odd recommendation & competition too.

@dj_muro / DJ Muro

One of Japan’s most renowned hip hop producers and beat-makers, there’s a reason why he’s also known as the King Of Diggin’. Here’s the evidence.


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@stevekouta / Steve Kouta

New on the scene and turning heads, @SteveKouta brings an unparalleled professional aesthetic we rarely come across. Might be a little too polished for the hardcore collectors out there, but it’s a feast for the eyes nonetheless.

@soulmining / Frank Neu

The turntable takes centre stage here – a beautiful Micro Seiki setup photographed well and surrounded by a varied mix of quality releases. There are worse things to wake-up to of a morning.

@what_can_brown / Christopher Brown

If jazz is your thing than you’ll like @what_can_brown, a constant stream of classic and rare records from swing to avant garde.

@rosspara / Para Para

A bit of everything here with @RossPara – not only is his collection varied but he posts-up an engaging mix of videos (with audio), digging shots and straight-up sleeve shots.


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@soundtracksunday / Scott Flanagin

Everything a record collection feed should be. A constant stream of quality shots of quality releases.

@noblerecords / Noble Records

The Discogs of instagram. @Noblerecords post up records to buy and delete the photo when it’s sold. On top of that, the feed is worth a follow for sheer scope and size of the records featured alone.

@cratedigger / Crate Digger

Respected Dutch collector posting an intimidating mix of quality records. If you can ignore the cringe shots of girls holding records, the account is worth a follow.

@fleamarketfunk / DJ Prestige

The man behind the fine blog Flea Market Funk, DJ Prestige presents a cache of rare and not so rare finds from across the soul-jazz-funk spectrum. One for the regular updates.

@waxcollective / Wax Collective

In here for aesthetics; @waxcollective doesn’t boast a collection of considerable breadth (yet), but the impressive look of the feed can’t be denied, nor can the focus on new records.

@ohmsweetohm / Øhm Sweet Øhm

Crate digging and craft beer… What’s not to like? Some of the best on-location digging shots you’ll see.

Get your hands dirty. #cratedigger @reporecords

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