10 essential modern Latin albums

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Featuring Bala Desejo, Rogê and more.

Before the release of her upcoming second compilation, Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now, DJ, Worldwide FM host and VF Live alumnus Coco Maria joins us to recommend 10 essential modern Latin albums.

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Bala Desejo

Sim, Sim, Sim

(Coala Records)

I first heard about this band thanks to the tip of a listener (Janie Jones) of my show on Worldwide FM. They are a new band that have been conquering people’s hearts for the last couple of years. I also like their story. They were put together for a project that was paused because of the pandemic and still found a way to record together and make the best out of destiny.

Favourite track: “Lua Comanche”



(Boiled Records)

Sessa is one of my favourite artists and humans in the whole world. I went to his concert in London at The Lexington and when he played “Flor do Real”, I felt my skin and all my cells waking up and really feeling the music and the energies of Sessa and his band. His music and voice are like a gentle touch.

Favourite track: “Flor do Real”

La Perla


(Mambo Negro Records)

One of the most exciting and powerful bands out there. The talent, the voice, the energy and fire.

Favourite track: “Guayabo”



(Diamond West)

I want to thank Janis (Habibi Funk) for introducing me to Rogê. After listening nonstop to my favourite track, I realized we had a lot of friends in common and I could see him live the other day. Made sense! I can’t wait to see what he is up to next.

Favourite track: “Existe uma voz”


“Así no se puede muchachos”

(Souk Records)

Romperayo never stops surprising me! They have one song for every occasion–dancing crazy, dancing alone, cooking, laying down, feeling rebellious, questioning reality and having fun.

Favourite track: “Calzoncillo Colorao”

La China De La Gasolina

La China De La Gasolina

(Mississippi Records)

Fun and spontaneous house party vibes. This is the project of Charlie Chimi, and his creations, music and humour tickle my head and make me want to find out what is happening in “La China’s” world. Dankjewele Nic Mauskovic for this!

Favourite track: “Oye Ambrosio”


Visit Malphino

(Lex Records)

Malphino has been part of my musical journey since I moved to Europe. When they released this album, I celebrated too. Many years of effort and joyful preparation went into the making. They are one of the most fun live bands I have witnessed.

Favourite track: “The Sleep Tree”

Insólito UniVerso

Ese puerto existe


Dreamy and introspective. This album I like to listen on a calm afternoon with the windows open. Thanks to Oli!

Favourite track “El Chivo feat. Laetitia Sadier”

Meridian Brothers

Meridan Brothers & El Grupo Renacimiento


Meridian Brothers’ wit and rhythm can go wherever I go, forever. Dancing while you reflect on world issues never felt so good.

Favourite track: “Bomba atómica”

Frankie Reyes

Boleros, valses y más

(Stones Throw)

Unexpected takes on some of the most famous Boleros and classics that every Latin American child grew up with. Boleros are the first music that I remember and this is a refreshing twist. “Me pone la piel chinita”, like we say in Mexico.

Favourite track: “La Puerta”

Club Coco ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound of Now comes out on Bongo Joe on July 7. Pre-order it on vinyl now.