10 essential dance music releases to look out for this month (July)






London’s top emporium for electronic sounds, Phonica Records cherry-pick the best dance records in store right now or about to drop.

One of the best things about shopping at a brick and mortar record store is having a clerk on hand to recommend music. Having said that finding the time to get physical can be a bit of a luxury, so we thought we’d bring the record store to you: inviting our friends at Phonica to pick out 10 essential dance records you need to own.

As you might do in-store, the brief was broad: “Give us anything dance-y”. Highlights this month include a percussive assault courtesy of Balearic maestro Jose Padilla, twisted post-punk from ’81 on Dark Entries, and a classic Jeff Mills repress.

Words: Kenny White


Porn Sword Tobacco
Magnifik Botanik

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Excellent, building deep house tracks that we have come to expect from PST.


Rex Ilusivii
In The Moon Cage

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An astonishing set of unearthed compositions, laden with elements of chamber music and early electronics, that makes for an incredibly immersive listen.


Yoshinori Hayashi
End Of The Edge
(Going Good)

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Elegant yet hazy deep house cuts, packed with dubbed out effects and jazz elements.


Jose Padilla
Wolf Müller Dubs
(International Feel)

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Another percussive assault from Dusseldorf! Excellent, loose grooves on each side of this 12”.


LSD Disco
(Light Sounds Dark)

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Illusive, freaked out dance floor action from Light Sounds Dark camp.


Mind Over Matter

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Deep cuts, more in the style of his early Tetrode records from Detroit’s Spectre.


Tasty Treats
Got To Believe

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This one has been causing punters to have a dance floor “moment” since 1993, classic Burrell business repressed!


No Broken Hearts On This Factory Floor

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Compiled work from his own Jathari label plus new material on Japan’s EM. Overflowing with influences from early drum machine electro, to roots reggae – a must have!


Second Layer
World Of Rubber
(Cherry Red / Dark Entries)

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Twisted studio experiments from 1981, dark and disturbed post punk is what you will find here. This version also includes bonus material from subsequent singles from the duo.


Millsart (Jeff Mills)

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Classic Axis gear repressed! For those who weren’t around, act now!